Claas Bailer

Extra-width pick-up

Both the ROLLANT ROTO CUT and ROTO FEED models come with the widest pick-up on the round baler market as standard. With a width of 2.10 metres, the ROLLANT pick-up ensures precise following of ground contours and thorough raking.

Fixed edges

Large stub augers on either side feed the crop to the intake, giving extra bale density around the edges. This in turn improves bale stability, and the bales withstand rough handling better, but do not lose their shape during transport or over long storage periods.

Clean field clearance

Irregular and extra-wide swaths are cleanly raked up by the 1.90-metre pick-up. The tine spacing on the heavy-duty pick-up has been carefully selected for thorough clearance of short crops.

claas bailer

Good visibility

The pick-up is located well forward on the baler, maximisingthe driver’s visibility from the cab. This makes it easier tomonitor the crop flow and prevents blockages occurring.

High-speed blade removal

The 14 individually secured blades are spring-loaded to give way when a foreign object passes through. The unaffected knives continue to produce a clean and reliable cut, guaranteeing a perfect forage quality.

High-speed blade removal

When the baling chamber is opened, the blades can be easily installed and removed from above.

ROTO CUT – The 70-mm fine cut

The ROTO CUT system runs at over 7,000 chops per minute. Four rows of tines gather in the crop evenly through the 14 individually secured knives. The crop is guided over the centre of the blades and chopped exactly. A special system of strippers keeps the rotor clean throughout the operation. The precise angle of the feed tines prevents crushing of the crop as it passes through. The uniform chopped slices improve silage quality and enable easy distribution both in silage preparation and later in the feed mixer.

ROTO REVERSE – the built-in reversing unit.

The reverser is powered hydraulically and comes into its own in non-stop operation at the limit of its power range. Using the CLAAS ROTO REVERSE reversing unit, you can clear blockages in the intake area in seconds from the comfort of the tractor seat.

Feed rake – high forage quality without chopping.

The ROLLANT 340 is ideally suited for farmers who definitely do not want to chop the crop, and who place an emphasis on gentle forage handling. The feed rake pulls the crop continuously from the pick-up and actively feeds it into the baling chamber, ensuring a high throughput.

ROTO FEED – top performance without chopping.

If you don't need to chop the crop, and want large bale weights and high performance, the ROTO FEED ensures a smooth crop flow from the pick-up into the baling chamber.