It’s a pleasure opening each new bale

The powerful, camless pick-up easily picks up wide swaths, even on sharp bends. The five tine bars ensure excellent crop pick-up as well as smooth crop intake, eliminating any loss of crop.

A timely change of blades ensures an effective chopping action. Thanks to the Xtracut system, both knife banks can be engaged from the tractor seat, ensuring consistently high output.

Output is decided by the space that is available for the crop to flow into the machine. Blockages are avoided due to the Hydroflexcontrol system.

High bale density reduces major costs such as binding material (net/twine), wrapping film and transport. That ensures consistent bale density right from the inner through to the outer layers of the bale.

High capacity, low maintenance

With shorter harvest windows for gathering the best quality feed, you need the best output available. The new Hybrid 2 camless pick-up is the starting point for optimal output. The newly-designed shape of the guide plate ensures the best crop flow. With even better crop flow blockages are less likely to occur. With no cam track, the pick-up consists of fewer moving parts. It is more reliable, less sensitive to wear, quiet and maintenance-friendly.

Wider, cleaner crop collection 

As the generic size of swaths from rakes and combines increases, pick-ups must follow suit. To ensure the best crop collection for every swath size, Lely Welger offers three pick-up widths. The standard pick-up has a width of 2.25m (DIN 1.86m). Lely Welger is also offering a 2.00 (Din 1.60) and the new, 2.40m (DIN 2.11m) pick up which is suitable for use with wide swaths from rakes and combines. It is the widest pick-up for round balers on the market.

Camless pick-up–new tines

The tines are the most crucial part of a pick-up and therefore a completely new tine has been developed for the camless

  • The angle of the tine has been adjusted to ensure the cleanest possible crop pick-up under all conditions.
  • The longer tine is more flexible and features improved adaptation possibilities.
  • The tine is made of 5.60mm thick material, favouring tine life. Due to the larger coil, the tine remains flexible.
  • Improved tine fixation prevents tine breakage as the tension within the material is more evenly spread.

Closer to the rotor – improved crop throughput

Due to its compact design the pick-up is positioned closer to the rotor. This ensures an improved crop flow to the bale chamber, well-shaped uniform bales and increased baling output.

More tine bars – cleaner pick-up
Due to the additional space created through the absence of a cam track, five tine bars are now fitted to the pick-up.
Along with the 64mm interspacing of the tines, this allows an optimal pick-up
capacity resulting in an even better and cleaner pick-up of the crop. Wear-resistant thanks to non-steere tines Since the camless pick-up does not have a cam track, the pick-up unit consists of fewer moving parts. This is more reliable, less sensitive to wear, quiet and maintenance friendly. The result is clear to see: lower maintenance costs and a higher trade-in value!

Crop press roller – for
efficient crop flow

The crop press roller assists the pick-up when handling a smaller crop volume, ensuring efficient flow through its rotation. The roller also improves bale shape by levelling out large quantities
of crop without creating lumps. This guarantees an even crop flow without blockages.

High throughput

Feed rotor

This feed rotor offers a good and even crop flow for farmers and contractors who do not wish to chop their crop. With this system you are enabled to make heavy bales with the lowest power requirement.

Available for all LELY WELGER CLASSIC bale presses.

Easy chopping action

 MasterCut 13

The comprehensive range of state-of-the-art chopping units starts with the MasterCut 13 – consistent crop chopping is achieved by 13 extra-long knives that reach deep into the ring of the rotor. Crops can be chopped to a bare minimum of 90mm. The two-star rotor guarantees an impressive throughput and assures optimum output, even for the heaviest of crops.

Available for all LELY WELGER bale presses.

High throughput and ease of operation

 Xtracut 17

The 17 knives of this chopping unit are divided into two groups of eight and nine knives, which can be selected by the operator from the tractor cab. Chop length can be reduced from 135mm to 67.5mm. The large chopping rotor has an exceptionally open construction, ensuring that the spirally-configured tines can achieve a good grip on the crop. Throughput to the bale chamber is massive, due to this rotor construction, ensuring high output when baling high-volume crops.

Available for all LELY WELGER bale presses.

Maximum comfort and optimum chopping facilities

 Xtracut 25

The Xtracut 25 chopping system, with selectable knife banks, was specifically designed for this model. The rotor has a tremendous grip on the crop, due to the large number of tines (four on each ring), ensuring year-round silage operations. This high-grade rotor guarantees non-stop performance and superior chopping quality in all crop types and weather conditions. The 25 knives can be split into different groups, allowing various possibilities in chopping-length. Cutting-length can be set between 45 and 90mm. The operator can easily select the knife banks through the E-Link handset in the tractor cab.

Available for all LELY WELGER bale presses.